As you know, here at Qar we are dedicated to making your busy lives easier, and what better way to do this than offer our bestselling product in an even more cost effective, simple to use design?

Black cl 3Our renowned, super absorbent, all purpose, black cloths are now available on a consumer friendly BLACK CLOTH ROLL, giving you full control over your product – how much is used, the size of cloth needed and, of course, ensuring a considerable saving on costs.

The non – woven black cloths are semi-disposable and can be reused and washed more than a dozen times. And how handy to now be able to use just as much as you need, just when you need it, with no unnecessary waste.

The Black Cloth Roll benefits:

  • Economy
  • Efficiency
  • The Environment

According to results of an independent study, Cleaning Matters Magazine reported that “test results show that there is time, money and quality to be gained from changing to non-woven products.” Also, “non woven products could reduce waste and handling costs by up to 80 %”. It even assessed the time taken to clean with non-wovens as being up to 35% less than with conventional, woven cloths.

For those of you who are interested:

  • Woven fabrics – two or more threads run perpendicular to each other, to make a pattern called warp and waft. (Like a woven shirt).
  • Non- woven fabrics – made by placing together several fibres and pressing them using heat, pressure, and sometimes adhesive, to create a fabric. (Like a felt hat).

Our cloths have been endorsed by renowned establishments such as: The Roka Mayfair, Gaucho Piccadilly, Hilton St Anne’s Manor and Peebles Hydro Hotel.

Our latest endorsement, from Roka Aldwych, demonstrates the success and popularity of our new black cloth rolls:

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional work you have done for us since we opened Roka Aldwych. It is your enthusiasm, professionalism and service which makes it easy for me to recommend your company to anyone who would like to purchase your products.

The big black cloth rolls have been a great hit with our team as we control how much we use, share between different departments and they are also very cost effective.

I hope to continue doing business with you.”

We hope you also choose to reap the benefits of our cloth rolls – please contact us if you need any more information about this, or any of our other products.

See our cloths in action here: