Quality chef hats, all purpose cleaning cloths and muslin products for the catering, cleaning and related industries

Chef Hats

The chef said it was so comfortable, he forgot he was wearing it until he noticed his reflection in the shop window on his way home from work.


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All Purpose Cloths

“We use the black cloths front of house as they are very discreet, which is what’s needed, and such high quality.”


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Pie Collars

QAR Pie Collars will provide the ideal edge every time. This disposable collar makes for easy removal of your pie, reducing the risk of breakage and adding to the presentation of your dish.


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Lemon Wraps

Lemon wraps look stunning, while keeping any pips off the food and ensuring the lemon juice is not squirted onto anyone’s best new outfit!


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Magic Shammy Cloth

No more expensive chamois leathers, paper towels, kitchen rolls or dripping sponges. Holds many times its own weight in water without dripping.


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Housekeeper, Peebles Hydro Hotel

We have been using these cloths for many years as they are very good value for money are colour coded and can be washed over and over! We use the yellow ones for dusting, the blue for the toilets and pink for the food areas they are very absorbent and good all round cloths.

Hilton St Anne's Manor

I would like to give you some feedback about the black cloths. We use them mainly in the restaurant where we have tables with wooden tops. We are very happy with them because they have great absorbance and they stay wet for a long time so on busy shifts that is efficient and save us time. Also, they are thick enough and we are able to clear tables in one go.

Administration, Gaucho Piccadilly

We use the black cloths because they fit in with our décor & colour scheme, we use them to crumb the tables between courses they are very discreet so not noticed by the customers. We like the black cloths as they are economical as well.

Chef Hats

Professional chef hats that are comfortable, lightweight and highly absorbent.


All Purpose Cloths

The best nonwoven all-purpose cleaning cloths on the market.



Lemon Wraps

Wraps that keep the pips off of the food and off of the customers!


Lemon Wedge Bags

Lemon wedge bags with their fine mesh and elastic band keep the seeds out of the food.



Butter Muslin Roll

Butter muslin rolls, 50 metres, fine quality, 39” wide.



Magic Shammy Cloth

Use these cloths dry for dusting and polishing, or wet for absorbing liquids.


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