Chefs Hats

These chef’s hats are extremely popular with our customers, they are comfortable, good looking and flat packed for ease of storage.

Much better than conventional crepe paper hats, just look at the features:

Only available at QAR Products

Our chef’s hats are comfortable, lightweight, highly absorbent and hypo-allergenic. They can be worn as required for up to a week without changing their fit.

They are adjustable, with self-adhesive tape, and have been extremely well received by our customers. They are durable, good-looking, comfortable to wear and are flat-packed for ease of storage.

The advantages over conventional crepe paper hats are:

• Dirt and sweat are barely visible
• Tear-resistant even in high humidity
• The soft, absorbent fleece material is very comfortable
• Usable for several days, making them very economical
• Good fit – they keep their size
• Head size with adjustable tape from Gr. 54-60 cm

The chef hats are light and comfortable. They do not sweat like cardboard ones and are very economical

Gerry Sharkey

Executive Chef, La Bonne Auberge, Holiday Inn

These chef hats are good quality, comfortable and economical.

David Wood

Executive Head Chef, Sofitel Luxury Hotel